Spear D Ranch

Our ranch is owned and operated by three generations of McKims: Don, Cannon, and Tucker. In northern Wyoming, our cattle graze the river bottom lands of the Big Horn river in the summer.  In the late fall, they go to the BLM allotment.  This is big country where they have to travel long distances to feed and water before coming back home for the winter.  The farming operation produces malt barley, corn, and alfalfa hay used to background calves, develop our bulls and heifers, and finish fat beef for custom processing.

Explore Our Services

At Spear D. Ranch, the animals take priority. We work hard to keep them happy, healthy, and safe; that’s how we would treat your animal. The services we provide are vital and having someone that is dependable, knowledgeable, and hard-working is part of the care we provide. Make sure your large animal needs are being met.


Heavy muscled bulls with eye appeal that will add pounds.

Custom Beef

Born and raised on our ranch.  Fed and developed with feed grown on our ranch. 

Meet the Ranchers.

We want to make your job easier because we all come from very dedicated backgrounds. We are confident in our ability to give your animals the care they need.

What the Community Thinks

We love our Spear D Beef! We have purchased some breeding stock and some steers for the fat pen. Wow the breeding stock had amazing confirmation an we have wonderful dispositions from our Spear D Charlois! Steers gain amazingly well. The animal husbandry is top notch!! Animals are getting immaculate care on this beautiful huge ranch. There is even a live-in veterinarian on site! If you buy from Spear D you will get healthy animals!!